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Oldie but goodie: Soul Defender is a beta flash game I created back in college. Control the ninja with the mouse, and control the the angel with the arrow keys. Each press of an arrow key increases the angel’s speed in the corresponding direction. Pro Score is 8000, good luck!

I just received my new business cards for Other Half Full and I couldn’t be more stoked. Special thanks to my brother for doing such a good job on the print.

Today I’m officially self-employed. I’m sure I have a uphill battle ahead of me, but I couldn’t be more stoked to be working for myself. That means big changes around here. Stay tuned.

Wow I haven’t posted in a long time. I’ve been busy…relaunching my career as a freelancer is a lot of work, I haven’t even built my company website or designed this blog yet. I know you’re interested in these things. Here’s a new logo I did for a Pilates studio in San Diego: I’ve also […]

A few new T-shirt designs I did for Sport Science Lab.  Check out all of them in the store.   The mockups were made using some very handy free tshirt templates.

I Just finished a new business card design for myself.  The fourth john pezzetti card I’ve designed, and my favorite thus far. As someone who spends all day rearranging lines of code and graphical elements for clients, it’s hard to find the energy to do so for myself.  At the same time, the work I […]

Check out the Quantum Communications website. The process to arrive where we did was a fun one.  Terry wanted a design in which the user is immediately offered pretty much every service we offer–SEO, re-branding, brand positioning as a bunch of big ass buttons… looking to green your brand?  BAM!  This was pretty much the […]

I’m not going to say that my last design job was as sweet as my current one, but I did get to design two or three show posters a year.  You never appreciate what you have until it’s gone, and now that a large portion of the print design I’m doing involves stock photos of […]

Art websites


Finished off a website for the UCSF Mission Bay Art Collective.

Well, the title is misleading. I did have to launch this website in three hours–and it was a pain–but I got to come back in and spend some time on friday cleaning up loose ends and filling in the details, which as I’ve come to realize, are the only thing that make the difference between […]