Sports Lab Ball WorkoutWell, the title is misleading. I did have to launch this website in three hours–and it was a pain–but I got to come back in and spend some time on friday cleaning up loose ends and filling in the details, which as I’ve come to realize, are the only thing that make the difference between good web design and websites that look like they were made in Microsoft Word by a non English speaking grandmother.

Marv Marinovich’s Sports Lab v1.0 is off the chopping block. Here is the backstory:

Thursday 2pm

Boss: “So Sports Lab is going to be featured on the NFL Network.”

Me: “Super. Some press will help them out.”

Boss: “They’re on at 4pm today.”

Me: “Wow, and they’re just telling us now?”

Boss: “We need a website up by 4pm.”

Click. Click. Click.

Me: “Damn, forgot to buy bullets.”

Well if you looked at the website Thursday night it was pretty raw, but I got it mostly where I wanted it on Friday. We’re soon to be adding quite a few interactive elements, but for now I’m happy with it as a static web page. Bring on the next project!

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