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Oldie but goodie: Soul Defender is a beta flash game I created back in college. Control the ninja with the mouse, and control the the angel with the arrow keys. Each press of an arrow key increases the angel’s speed in the corresponding direction. Pro Score is 8000, good luck!

My brother just started a new webcomic…he illustrates and a friend writes. I dig it, recommended for all gamers. (I just so happened to make the website for him as well)

Have you ever given someone directions only to realize (as soon as they’re out of earshot) that the directions you gave them were bad? I think it’s safe to assume that we all enjoy giving directions…it gives us a sense of authority while simultaneously making us feel good for properly practicing our civic duty. That’s […]

I spotted this Pet Boarding sign in Oceanside and I couldn’t resist.  On a side note, this is the first thing I’ve ever made with Gimp…and man is it awkward to use software that is both so familiar and so foreign at the same time.

Found in a Thai restaurant in Oceanside.  Hard to see in this photograph, but looks like they had to fix “Seated” because it was originally “Seeted”.

Tyson Chandler is a really cool guy.  Very laid back, just did his workout and joked around with the people with him.

I spotted this ribbon on the back of a car in my neighborhood a couple of months ago, at a rare moment when I didn’t have a camera handy. Definitely the most compelling magnetic ribbon I’ve ever spotted.  I had to recreate it.  And I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

When I tell most people that I’m a graphic designer, they seem pleasantly surprised.  It seems to conjure up images of me sitting in a meadow sipping coca-cola and sketching logos for some environmental non-profit. Well, truth be told, that isn’t so far off.  Just replace meadow with cave of computers, sketching with vectorizing, and […]

The internet swiped a few more dollars from me the other day when I couldn’t resist the $7 purchase of this “Innovation lights whieh lead the currency in such ofield”. The light works quite well, but the packaging was the real bargain here. I decided to highlight all of the poorly translated lines, but it […]

Someone ran into a fire hydrant in front of my office building today. I never would have guessed that the resulting geyser would be this impressive. Thanks to my coworker Garth for the photo. This lasted for about 10 or 15 minutes before someone figured out how to shut it off.