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Oldie but goodie: Soul Defender is a beta flash game I created back in college. Control the ninja with the mouse, and control the the angel with the arrow keys. Each press of an arrow key increases the angel’s speed in the corresponding direction. Pro Score is 8000, good luck!

Twitter recently changed their API to support OpenAuth which is by-and-large a good thing. Unfortunately, however, they stopped supporting basic RSS feeds, which was my preferred method of printing twitter status updates on the web. Not to fear, as it turns out you can still access an XML feed of any user’s status updates without […]

You’ve probably noticed it before…or maybe not. If you’re navigating through pages of a site, some of which have scrollbars and some of which don’t, the while site will shift ~20px every time you load a page that has scrollbars. This is true in all modern browsers (IE8, FF2.5+, Opera, Safari, Chrome). In fact, the […]

Today I’m officially self-employed. I’m sure I have a uphill battle ahead of me, but I couldn’t be more stoked to be working for myself. That means big changes around here. Stay tuned.

Wow I haven’t posted in a long time. I’ve been busy…relaunching my career as a freelancer is a lot of work, I haven’t even built my company website or designed this blog yet. I know you’re interested in these things. Here’s a new logo I did for a Pilates studio in San Diego: I’ve also […]

I just worked on a Drupal website for over three hours on a problem that doesn’t exist. If you’re using Zen Theme for Drupal 6 or 7 and your page is loading incorrectly in Internet Explorer IE6, IE7 or IE8 (namely, your page is loading without css), consider that Internet Explorer can load a maximum […]

I am a Drupal developer almost full-time now, and on my development server I have two subdirectories in the public_html folder:  /drupal5 and /drupal6. Try as I might, I have never been able to get the combination of $base_url in the settings.php file and the RewriteBase directive in the .htaccess file to correctly display sites […]

Check out the Quantum Communications website. The process to arrive where we did was a fun one.  Terry wanted a design in which the user is immediately offered pretty much every service we offer–SEO, re-branding, brand positioning as a bunch of big ass buttons… looking to green your brand?  BAM!  This was pretty much the […]

Art websites


Finished off a website for the UCSF Mission Bay Art Collective.

A few months ago I built my most recent computer and for the first time installed Windows XP 64-bit edition. Anyone who has done this knows it is kind of a pain. So much of my old software didn’t work, I even had to buy a different wireless networking card due to Airlink101’s ineptitude in […]