I know this isn’t exactly breaking news to most people in the development world… but as I’m slowly becoming more and more of a web developer I discovered my new best friend a few weeks ago: WAMP (and for my Mac at work: MAMP). The first time I tried to set up Apache, MySql & PHP on my PC it took me hours, and then spontaneously stopped working a few days later. I’m not saying I didn’t have something to do with it, but I was so fed up with not being able to write code due to technical difficulties that I just started doing my development remotely. WAMP however installs the whole package in under 3 minutes, and even lets you download and run (at the click of a button) different versions of the server, php and mysql. Jebus has saved me. I didn’t even have to restart after install. I am now 20% more productive and 85% happier.

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