It seems like I have piles of half-finished web sites, which is too bad because they don’t make good portfolio pieces that way. Fortunately, a project I’ve been working on for some time at Quantum launched yesterday–the Helio mU website. It’s had about 5000 copy and layout changes since I started–Maybe you will be able to tell that some of the elements were added in after the layout had been built, although I still think most of it flows nicely.

The clients really liked “big images”, so I did one better and gave them a big flash for the front page. It takes a while to load, but that wasn’t an issue for them. The menu was mostly built with MooTools, and was surprisingly pain-free. Gotta say, MooTools kicks ass. The first version was completly strict-XHTML although the clients have changed things around so many times on such a tight deadline that I’ve had to put off keeping it that way–hopefully I’ll have a chance to go through and get everything to validate in the next couple of weeks.

Best thing is that the HelioGroup, of which Helio mU is one entity, is having me install this same template for their other two sites. I’ve already finished different flash elements for each, and the rest will just be plugging in new copy. I’ll append this post when the other pages launch.

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