Gotta love finishing projects. Although technically this one isn’t done, it has at least launched. Check out the new Pangaea Travel website.

The three windows are, unfortunately, a blantant ripoff of the mootools homepage. The clients liked it a lot, and the attempts I made to rewrite the code were slow and cumbersome. This script works well here and I’m happy with it.

I used some brushes from this Japanese Foliage as watermarks on the child pages. Thanks to DesignFruit, these brushes are beautiful.

The last thing to be done on this site is to replace the static header image on the first page with an interactive flash element. Our idea is a simple game in which a plane will fly over some beautiful natural scenery leaving a trail of pollution, and the user can “clean up” the pollution by turning it into flowers and plants. I was looking forward to building this but we’re swamped here and it’s been put off–hopefully not forever.

In other news I’ve decided to redesign this page. My thought when I built this beta-template was to fit everything in my site on one page. I’ve decided now that there are reasons people don’t do this, and I’m going to simplify everything up a bit. Once I get time. Which probably won’t be for a while. Cheers.

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  1. 1 Aubert

    Wow… Your webdesign/programming has evolved to a level that leaves your former website “The Base” nearly impossible to identify as one of your own. Yes, I take into account that it was created over a decade ago but still! I’ve now matured enough to be quite impressed with your work; this as opposed to bitterly watching your counter climb higher and faster than my own at “SyNtaX ErRoR.” So I say well done John, well done. I’d like to contract your services. Give me a call when you guys get back from the getaway . Leave a message if I miss your call as you know of my current schedule.

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