Coconut Bikini

I’m going to a white elephant exchange party in a couple of days, and I was having some trouble coming up with a gift idea. Googling my dilemma did not help as much as I had expected, but I did find a couple of good ideas.

At a party I went to last year, the best gifts were a Jesus Action Figure and a pair of edible panties. A few years back I remember someone making a coconut bikini (talk about cheap and easy) which was quite a hit. My ladyfriend, blown away when I pointed out a pair of Truck Balls to her, remarked that they would make a great white elephant gift (and I’m inclined to agree).

Some google searching uncovered a few discussions ( 1 , 2, 3 ) although I don’t feel that any of them really nail the White Elephant dilemma. I don’t think the most stolen gift is the best gift. For instance, at the last few parties I’ve been to the only gifts that were locked out (stolen the maximum of three times) were bottles of wine / boos. Thats all fine and good, but a white elephant gift shouldn’t be something someone would ever buy for themselves–on the same note it shouldn’t be something they could possibly throw away. Of course, some people would throw away a pair of edible panties (stolen only once at the party–against any professional’s better judgement), but I think most people would keep them somewhere or give them a shot in the bedroom.

The best gift I’ve uncovered from the intertubes so far is a giant summer sausage. I think anything remotely phallic has potential, and a giant meat log fits the bill.

Anyone else have any ideas along these lines?

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