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A few months ago I built my most recent computer and for the first time installed Windows XP 64-bit edition. Anyone who has done this knows it is kind of a pain. So much of my old software didn’t work, I even had to buy a different wireless networking card due to Airlink101’s ineptitude in driver updating.

This morning I was informed of an IE6 display issue on one of my sites, and I realized in horror that my odds of finding a standalone IE6 to run on my 64-bit platform were not good. Fortunately, after about a 45-minute search I did stumble upon a working browser, which you can download from

3 Responses to “Running Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) on Windows XP 64-bit Edition”  

  1. 1 Matt

    Cheers for this.. I too need to reinstall IE6 on a 64bit system to check sites in IE6.

  2. 2 vinay

    Which version to download from the website for internet explorer for windows 7 64 bit can i request for a specific link

  3. 3 jpezzetti

    Hi Vinay,

    Sorry I can’t recommend. It’s been a little while. I’ve since switched over to using IE9 running as IE8, IE7 and IE7 Quirks Mode (IE6). These seem to do a pretty good job of simulating the old browsers, they render the same in about 99% of situations. To switch the browser mode just hit F12 and change it on the toolbar that pops up. Good luck.

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