ad rejected by clientWhen I tell most people that I’m a graphic designer, they seem pleasantly surprised.  It seems to conjure up images of me sitting in a meadow sipping coca-cola and sketching logos for some environmental non-profit.

Well, truth be told, that isn’t so far off.  Just replace meadow with cave of computers, sketching with vectorizing, and environmental non-profit with “anyone with money”.

I don’t wear much high-contrast clothing and my apartment is very poorly decorated.  I think I might have been born to be a computer programmer, but ended up as a graphic designer featuring programming abilities.  I think this is why I’m not prepared for the #1 drawback of being a designer–which is that you’re designing for other people, not for yourself.

When I’m writing software, it either works, or it doesn’t.  You never have to move a semi-colon a quarter inch to the left.

2 Responses to “Not having to move semicolons a quarter inch to the left is bliss”  

  1. 1 Amy Morris

    being a computer programmer myself makes me very proud of my job’:’

  2. 2 Elizabeth King

    my sister is a computer programmer and she earns lots of buxx from it~..

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