I’m starting to notice an unfortunate trend when I post new work that I’ve completed: none of it is actually complete. It always seems to be rushed–and half finished–but I have a feeling that I won’t get to go back and right any of the wrongs for some time.

Slice of Life  | Hero Nutritionals Home | Yummi Bears Home

These were some fun sites to work on. Slice of Life is my favorite. My coworker sold them the idea of a lazy susan, then turned to me and told me to build it. I started with this extremely helpful 3D in Flash Tutorial, got it working just about the way I wanted it to, then plugged in some Trigonometry graciously prepared by my mathematical buddy Pat Jarvis-Shean, and the result was slick. I wouldn’t mind taking some more time to clean up the loading sequence and the effect when the user rolls out of the movie, but for the time being it works well.

The Hero Nutritionals homepage is pretty straight forward, I’m sure there will be more content soon. The Yummi Bears homepage will be filled up with flash games and the like soon when we install the Yummi Zone.

Here are links to a couple of other sites I recently designed: Mitsven Surfboards, Simonek Law.

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